Are you inspired by mid century inspired furniture for sale online? Do you want to learn the basics of midcentury design? Then, this post is just for you as it covers all the basics of midcentury design. There is just something about midcentury design that makes it relevant in every era. It is a trend that shows no signs of going away. Midcentury modern d├ęcor is something everyone is obsessed with. The key to midcentury design is making a space look like it has a history and a blend of modern finishing. If you are new to midcentury design, then, you need to read on.

What Is Midcentury Design?

The Australian mid century furniture for sale online and design movement started in 1933 and was extremely popular until 1965. It included architecture, graphic design, interior design, and industrial design. The iconic furniture such as mid century tables, mid century inspired living room furniture and lighting were created by designers like George Nelson, Arne Jacobsen, Ray Eames, and Charles Eames.

Inspiration behind Midcentury Design

The beginning of the 20th century saw a trend towards modernism. However, it was only after the World War II that midcentury design truly flourished. The newfound prosperity, new technologies, and different materials available during this period led to the creation of the iconic midcentury design. Smaller living spaces and migration to urban areas inspired the movement.

Characteristics of Mid Century Design

  • Democratic in nature
  • Focus on function
  • Simple forms
  • Organic influences

How to Tell If a Piece Is Midcentury?

It is not an easy task to identify midcentury pieces and buy solid timber bookshelves online. However, the key to understanding midcentury pieces is the way they function very well due their fine craftsmanship and simplicity. Some of the obvious clues include hardware and peg legs. Some of the countries that manufacture midcentury design are America, Italy, Japan, Yugoslavia, and Denmark.

How to Best Use Midcentury Furniture?

Midcentury furniture can be incorporate into your home in a number of ways. Start out by identifying which pieces are lacking in a room. For instance, if you require a cocktail table, then, you should get a midcentury table for the room. Any starting point would e a great way to incorporate midcentury design into your home. Try to create a unique space. Some of the best items include a good lamp, mid century solid timber dining tables, an arm chair, mid century solid timber dining chairs and a credenza. Moreover, midcentury items can be mixed with other periods for a unique fusion. If you want a timeless look, you need to ensure that minimalism and cleanliness are your top priority.

Which Colours Work Best With Midcentury Furniture?

When it comes to midcentury furniture, earthy colors of the 60s and bright hues of the 50s work best. You can style them up with different shades of hues and earthy colors. Pastels and muted colors also work really well with midcentury furniture. Moreover, neutrals never run out of style.


Midcentury design is unique and requires you to create an inspired space. It all comes down to accessorizing. Give a stylish touch to the space and use items that you are passionate about such as rocks, floor pillows, and plants. Candlestick holders are also a favorite and a low coffee table works wonders.