A CCTV system can be a valuable tool in any business. Not only is it a deterrent for criminal activity, but it can also help you ensure employee compliance and protect your property. It can also be used as evidence for insurance claims, reducing your costs and protecting your company.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Security

Guardtech provides a range of advanced CCTV systems that can enhance your security and improve the quality of your business. These solutions can also be customized to meet your needs and budget.

Using CCTV to Reduce Losses

Many businesses suffer from loss, whether it is from burglary, vandalism or theft from employees and customers. These losses are often devastating, but can be avoided with an engineered and monitored security system.

Depending on the type of CCTV system you choose, various supporting technologies may be needed to integrate with your existing wiring and network infrastructure for seamless connectivity. This includes a router, if you choose to connect your cameras via a wired network, and PoE (Power over Ethernet) cameras that allow for easy installation of additional cameras with a single cable connection.

Monitors for Easily Viewing Video

The most common way to view camera footage is through a monitor. Depending on your specific requirements, you might decide to go with a few monitors or multiple screens in different areas of the facility. For example, if you have several long-range cameras, you might need multiple monitors to keep an eye on the parking lot and hallways.

High-Definition LCD or LED Monitors for Best Visibility

CCTV monitors are available in a variety of sizes, resolutions and styles to match your specific needs. The higher the resolution, the better the picture quality. A high-definition screen is ideal for displaying 1080p- and 4k-resolution videos. However, if your budget is limited or you have older cameras, lower-resolution monitors may be an option for cost-savings.

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IP-based Cameras for Superior Image Quality

The latest digital technology offers a higher level of reliability than analog CCTV, as well as better image quality and more feature compatibility than traditional analog systems. These systems are usually compatible with video verification, analytics, and other advanced technologies to improve performance in low-light conditions and provide enhanced security for your property.

PTZ Cameras for 360° Monitoring

The ability to rotate and pan a camera gives users the flexibility to cover a large area with one set of cameras. This technology can be especially useful in areas with a large number of moving parts, such as machinery.

Cameras for Privacy

A variety of privacy-oriented features can be built into CCTV systems to prevent the viewing of sensitive areas. These can be as simple as opaque shapes covering cameras that may be in a residential home or as complex as software that restricts access to a camera based on time of day, movement, and other criteria.

Customizable Recording Options for Increasing Efficiency

CCTV systems can be integrated with recording devices to capture video for playback or transmission. This can save time, resources, and money, while saving space in your surveillance storage room.