Music plays an integral role in every church service. The concept of music for worship is nothing new. The book of Psalms even commands us to sing in praise of God. However, the music used today has completely changed with time. During the early years of the establishment of the church, there were only liturgical resurrection hymns that were sung. Then, these worship songs for easter transitioned to hymns and were sung by an entire congregation.

It was only during the 1970s that gospel and worship songs started to appear as the youth started to focus on leading a Christian way of life. Artists wrote short gospel worship songs that were easy to sing and these download worship sheet music & songs became a huge part of every Christian’s life. Whether you are a new Christian or someone who just wants to feel the energy that gospel and worship songs offer, you have come to the right place. This post takes a close look at some of the best Good Friday songs and hymns. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in.

1. See You Again by Anthony Evans

One of the best gospel and worship songs that you need to know about is “See You Again” by Anthony Evans. It is a Palm Sunday Hymns that will instantly knock you out the moment you first hear it. You can try the singing the song at church or just at home. With just a bit of rehearsal, you can sing this amazing gospel song. The original song is simply amazing. You can listen to it on repeat and never get tired. It truly is the best Ash Wednesday songs out there. The majesty and power of the song is unlike any other. You will want to listen to it every time you feel that things are difficult.

2. Every Praise by Hezekiah Walker

Another excellent gospel song that will take you by a surprise is “Every Praise” by Hezekiah Walker. It is a song that will help keep you going when the going gets tough. This song has been masterfully performed by Walker. He calls out to the choir and leads it perfectly. The spoken words have a power that will lift you up. You have to give it a listen to understand its true beauty.

3. You Are Good by Israel Houghton

Israel Houghton did an amazing job by singing “You Are Good”. There is a reason behind why the name of the singer is after the Israel (The Promised Land). He transports you to the Holy Land with his cool guitar playing and high-energy vocals. It might just become your all-time favorite worship song when you give it a listen. You will be glad that you gave it a listen.

4. Anything Can Happen by Jonathan Nelson

Jonathan Nelson is more than a strong worship leader. He is also the singer of “Anything Can Happen”. The song allows you to feel the presence of God through his glorious words. Take your congregation to the next level with this amazing gospel song.


Once you have gone over this post, you will know the best gospel and worship songs. Each song is amazing and allows you to feel the presence of God.